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Special Olokun Rising ~ Jupiter-Neptune Follow Up ~ Energetic Support

April 14, 2022 Kelly M Beard Season 2022 Episode 22
KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast
Special Olokun Rising ~ Jupiter-Neptune Follow Up ~ Energetic Support
Show Notes

Special Follow-Up:  Jupiter/Neptune Alignment
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I created a Video HERE (44-min) to go over some of the *magic* of this alignment and how we can consciously co-create. Also, for those of you interested in honoring the Waters of the World in your own way, I cover all that we just did and include a PDF HERE that has a guideline for your commitment that you can use and edit as you see fit. All of our suggestions are good whether you are a solo Mermaid or a Harbor Master that is leading a group in this conscious work. What we have discovered, is that this very small gesture has sparked ACTION across the globe!!

YeYe Luisah Teish and I both have folks from all over the world in our respective Circles and everything is expanding exponentially in the most beautiful and miraculous way! I hope you enjoy the Overview and because so many have reached out and shown so much enthusiasm for working this kind of *mojo* in the world, for the world, I will be hosting a Q & A Session on FRI/April 22nd @8pm (eastern) and you can Register HERE and/or make a $22+ Donation HERE to join us and feel free to share with others that you think would resonate. 
This energy helps us dream up the NEW Story ~ the NEW Vision that we want to live into! These two together expand your conscious awareness, about your Self, the community and the planet. This is an Initiation and it is giving us all a chance to heal our own connection to God/Great Spirit or Source of your understanding. You are tremendously supported for initiating new spiritual practices that fortify you so that you are better able to serve on a grander scale or contribute in a larger way, to the social & collective realms just by living in integrity and staying connected to a Higher Power. 

The Shadow aspect of this energy is to be overwhelmed & confused so it is hard to move at all or we can be overly optimistic, ignoring facts & realities and not using our own discernment properly. We have to activate all our filters and boundaries with this one because both Jupiter & Neptune can get us all carried away, lost, off-track or worse, drowning in the Piscean Oceans of emotions and blurred lines. It is time to stay grounded and do not take unnecessary risks, with your faith or your resources. Use this energy to get creative and more spiritual.

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