KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast

APRIL 2022 ~ Kelly's Venus Circle ~ Theme: PISCES/Solar Plexus/Release REPLAY

April 25, 2022 Kelly M Beard Season 2022
KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast
APRIL 2022 ~ Kelly's Venus Circle ~ Theme: PISCES/Solar Plexus/Release REPLAY
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I have decided to share the March & April Venus Circle REPLAYS because these energies are affecting everyone and I am getting more requests for clarity on the current energies and how they are affecting our Relationships & Finances specifically. The last time we encountered this energy & cycle was during the years:  2012-2014 and before that, 2002-2005 so familiar themes may be circling back in your own life.

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This month is going to activate the Pisces part of us in a very special way asking us to process things through the emotions & spirit and check-in with all our personal connections. It is a time when you may be feeling the tremendous weight of the past, recognizing how much of your life is really behind you. However, we are regenerative creatures and so this “ending vibe” you may be feeling is only the precursor to the New Beginning you will birth in 9-months. It’s time to do a review of how you have followed your own intuition (or not) and how much you have cultivated a spiritual practice to support your life. When we consciously set the energies around us, only certain things can be magnetized but we forget to set the tone for ourselves and then we are at the mercy of the energies & entities swirling around us. This month, trust that whatever you release is freeing up your energy & imagination.
Victim asks you to check-in with your boundaries & filters, specifically. If you do not have healthy boundaries or clean filters, then you end up picking up all kinds of debris during the course of a regular day, while not always perceiving what is happening in the moment correctly. This Archetype reveals where you’ve given away your power or given up on your Self. It’s time to release shame, blame & guilt over the past and any illusions or delusions that are no longer viable but a distraction and a liability. Consider the issue of being fearful, over-sensitive and easily distracted. Often, we are overwhelmed by the energies & entities around us. Redefine your boundaries as strong enough to protect you but not so thick that you cannot perceive the reality or energies nearby.
The Shadow Work of this Archetype is to dig deeper for a sense of connection to a Higher Power.
This month will re-set the connection to your Spiritual Body & Solar Plexus Chakra, clearing and releasing any blockages to your ability to contribute in a bigger way. Look at where your battery is low or you feel a weakened connection to Source. Consciously choose to stop ‘leaking’ energy and resources. The Release Work you do this month is so that you can fortify the connection to your own natural center & foundation, which enables you to follow your intuition on the ‘right actions & right timing’ for you, personally, so that you can trust in the outcomes. There is a great deal of clearing work to be done at the Power Center Chakra because often we carry childhood wounds there, which unconsciously continue to block or limit our power to grow, evolve and function in life. Clearing this chakra always leads to more self-mastery and true & lasting self-confidence.

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