KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast

Story Time: Vasalisa the Wise ~ Venus Cycle MidPoint

October 13, 2022 Kelly M Beard Season 2022 Episode 59
KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast
Story Time: Vasalisa the Wise ~ Venus Cycle MidPoint
Show Notes

Join Kelly of KarmicTools.com for Venus Cycle MidPoint!

THUR/Oct 13th @8pm (eastern)  /  5pm (pacific)

Register HERE:

This will be our guiding Story for the next 9-months of Reclamation. I’m excited about getting together tomorrow for another Venus Open House! This is a special time when Venus prepares to disappear from the sky and return as the Evening Star to kick off our Reclamation Soul Work. Whether you’ve followed her cycle or not, we have all been through the last 9-months of shedding old values and priorities and letting go of old roles & responsibilities just so we could get to here & now when we will call in a much Higher Level of Relating with Others going forward. 

The Venus Circle gathers every month to follow her cycle but I always open it up at the MidPoint for new people to get their Venus Reading + Custom Guide, which is still relevant through July 2023 and holds all the Tools + Your Personal Venus Activations for the entire cycle. This is our October Community Event so Please feel free to SHARE this Note+Access with those you think would resonate with this information & format. 

I plan to go over the Venus Cycle, the Cardinal Signs and the Activations. I will also offer the Energetic Support from the Sky Council, around this alignment, we’ll do some Divinations & Meditation, then we will close with a Shamanic Drum Journey to ask our Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides to share any wisdom they think will help each of us navigate this potent time. 

 Please feel free to Register or Reply to this email with Your Birth Date/Time/Place if you would like to know what is being activated for you personally or to request the Replay Link if you can’t join us live. 

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