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Special ARIES New Moon Divinations

April 13, 2021 Kelly M Beard Season 2021 Episode 22
KarmicTools Forecast ~ Weekly Podcast
Special ARIES New Moon Divinations
Show Notes

This was a special gathering we started on IGLive (@TheSacredSandbox) to honor the ARIES New Moon of 4.11.2021. These Divinations are our guidance for both the month and the year as this New Moon kicks off a new year of personal evolution. This New Moon was made all the more special because of the several planets, many of which have a Feminine influence, are all initiating new cycles in Aries and so are we! 
ARIES Stellium:
Sun ~ courage of your convictions
Moon ~ self-preservation is not selfish
Mercury ~ improvise & experiment with ideas without attachment to outcome
Venus ~ independence & freedom within the context of all your relationships
Ceres ~ nurture your individuality, nourish your authentic self, feed your soul
Lilith ~ sovereignty & self-reliance at all costs
Eris ~ pro-active on your own behalf & willing to fight for your freedom

The Total I-Ching by Stephen Karcher
#26 - Great Accumulates/Gathering Spirit
#53 - Gradual Advance/Marrying Woman
Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
Release:  Stuck in Old Rage
Reclaim:  Exposing the Crude Shadow
Jumbalaya by Luisah Teish
Shrine of the Mother
The Tarot of the Orishas by Zolrak & Durkon
8 of Air - Salamanders - Oshun
Above = 10 of Water
Below = 3 of Air
Add'l Insight = 8 of Water

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